1 = bank.
Ex. If, for instance, a nonresearch library acquires a work in English, issued by the bank of Japan, the rules permit the acquiring library to enter the work under the name of the institution in English.
* banco comercial = commercial bank, business bank.
* banco de ahorros mutualista = mutual savings bank.
* banco de ahorros mutuos = mutual savings bank.
* banco de conocimiento = knowledge bank.
* banco de datos = data bank [databank], factual data bank.
* banco de datos factual = factual data bank.
* banco de datos terminológico = terminological data bank.
* banco de esperma = sperm bank.
* banco de genes = gene bank.
* banco de imágenes = image bank.
* banco de niebla = fog patch, fog bank.
* banco de peces = school of fish, shoal of fish.
* banco de recursos electrónicos = electronic resource bank.
* banco de sangre = blood bank.
* banco en casa = home banking.
* banco genético = gene pool.
* banco mercantil = commercial bank.
* Banco Mundial, el = World Bank, the.
* banco pagador = drawee bank.
* banco terminológico = term bank.
* billete de banco = banknote.
* billetes de banco = paper money.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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